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Aims & scope


Bulletin of Special Education (BSE) is a peer-review journal for the empirical research of special education including topics of individuals with disabilities and those with giftedness or talent.  The BSE is published by the Department of Special Education at National Taiwan Normal University and started in 1985, which was the first scholastic special education journal in Chinese and the first special education journal qualified on the list of Taiwanese Social Science Citation Index (TSSCI). The  BSE has been listed on the TSSCI for more than twenty consecutive years since 1993 and also ranked in the first place of the educational journals. 

To enhance the quality of special education through grass-root research in Chinese communities and to promote evidence-based practice in special education by publishing good research, the BSE welcomes any empirical research about special education to be submitted and practiced with a double-blind review procedure .  To promote multi-discipline participating in special education and to ensure the global visions of the journal, the editorial board of the BSE comprises scholars from different disciplines and from different countries. 




Since its inception in 1985, the Bulletin of Special Education has provided domestic researchers who specialize in special education or related fields with a publication and communication platform. Recently, with the support of the editors, referees, and staff of the Department of Special Education of National Taiwan Normal University, this periodical has shown continuously improved in academic quality and has received recognition in all types of academic evaluations. Ranked second among domestic education-related journals in 1998, the Bulletin of Special Education has received honors that include “Outstanding Journal” from the National Science Council (2002) and the “Quality Government Publication Award” from the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission of the Executive Yuan (2002). Furthermore, the Bulletin of Special Education was nominated for inclusion in the Taiwan Social Sciences Citation Index (TSSCI) in 2002 by the National Science Council, and has been included in the database since 2003. This periodical was also ranked first among Taiwanese education-related academic periodicals in 2003. Therefore, in Taiwan, the Bulletin of Special Education is a core periodical for the social sciences and is the leading academic periodical in the field of special education.

Because of a system entailing competent, uncompromising, and impartial evaluation procedures, the Department of Special Education of National Taiwan Normal University and the editorial committee have confidence in the continued enhancements in academic quality for the Bulletin of Special Education. We hope that our periodical is of use for researchers in their efforts to develop more profound academic research and professional knowledge.

Thanks the Research Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences,  Ministry of Science and Technology and the National Taiwan Normal University for their financial support.




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